Are Pothos Toxic to Dogs? (Answered)

Is it true that pothos is poisonous to dogs?

As houseplant addicts, you must be familiar with pothos plants.

This plant type can decorate your house for its beauty and attractive shape.

Besides the pretty appearance, pothos plants are also easy to grow.

But you should be aware of this plant if you live with pets.

Be careful before you bring pothos inside your home.

You might have this question: ”are pothos toxic to dogs?”

Unfortunately, pothos plants are toxic to dogs. Pothos plants contain some poisonous substances that might harm your dogs. Their stems and leaves are dangerous for your dogs.

Are you curious how pothos harm dogs?

Or even pothos kill dogs?

Continue reading to learn more about the what and how of adding pothos to your pet’s environment.

What happens if my dog eats my pothos?

You know that dogs like to chew anything in front of them.

And pothos plants look interesting for them.

It is possible if your dog “plays” with pothos.

You might wonder what happens if your dog eats your pothos.

Your dog will suffer in pain.

Your dog may look fine, and then it will change in minutes.

You are going to see that your dog starts to show bad symptoms.

The dog will be panting, whining, barking, and pawing its mouth and throat.

These symptoms show that your dog needs your help ASAP.

The dog feels like its throat, tongue, mouth, and nose burn.

Then, bad conditions will continue.

Your dog will start to feel like hard to breathe or swallow its food.

In several minutes, your dog may vomit.

When your dog vomits, it is not a bad situation.

Your dog is throwing out parts of the poison.

However, you still need to bring your dog to a vet quickly.

Don’t forget to bring your pothos plants.

You have to tell the vet what happens to your dog.

Bring your pothos and show the vet how much your dog eats the plant parts.

After a thorough examination, usually, the vet will give your dog an IV to keep it hydrated.

It means that your dog has passed the crisis.

How poisonous is pothos?

How dangerous is the pothos plant for dogs

As explained above, you know how scary pothos plants can harm your dog.

Your dog will experience bad symptoms by eating pothos.

However, pothos plants do not cause fatal reactions in dogs.

So then, how poisonous is pothos?

Pothos is poisonous with minimum irritations to dogs.

What makes pothos plant poisonous?

It is because pothos contains calcium oxalate crystals.

These crystals are the reason why your dog suffers in pain.

Calcium oxalate crystals are inside the plant’s stems and leaves.

So, to eat or chew pothos’ stems and leaves is a no for your dog.

The crystals work like mini sharp needles inside your dog’s mouth or throat.

They will react when they meet saliva or stomach acid.

A small amount of consumed pothos can cause light irritations to your dog.

But you should be careful if your dog eats a lot of pothos.

The poisons, calcium oxalate crystals, are insoluble.

So your dog’s bloodstream will absorb these crystals.

What happens next?

The mini crystals can irritate the tissues and even affect the swelling organs.

It can lead to a serious thing, so you must make a fast move.

It is better to keep your pothos plants away from the dog.

Are all pothos toxic to pets?

What is dangerous about pothos plants for your pets is all clear.

First, no pothos variants are safe for pets, especially when they like to chew everything.

Second, Pothos plants contain poison that may harm your pets.

They are also toxic to several pets like rabbits, cats, horses, hamsters, and others.

Finally, pothos plants are even harmful to humans.

If you still think of growing pothos inside your home, please reconsider.

You better pick a houseplant type that is friendly for your pets.

Fortunately, you can still grow pothos even though you have pets.

First, you should put your pothos plants in a high and safe place.

You must ensure your pets will not see or even reach the plant.

Another option is you can hang your pothos plant at home.

It will give the sense of modern, and your pets cannot play with it.

If your pets can jump so high, that advice may be useless.

Or you can train your dogs or cats not to reach your pothos plants.

You can give them a warning sign if they start to walk around the plant.

This training can make your pets away from your pothos.


In conclusion, pothos plants are indeed toxic to dogs. This plant contains a poisonous substance for your dogs.

When your dogs accidentally eat or chew pothos, you can see bad symptoms on them.

They will feel uncomfortable and show aggressive acts.

One thing you should do in this situation is you must bring them to a vet.

Your dog will get better after a thorough examination and medical treatment.

However, pothos plants are still poisonous with minimum irritations.

You should be careful since no pothos is friendly for pets.

Choosing another houseplant type may sound wise.

Have your pets ever had any bad experiences with pothos? Then, please, share your story!

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