Are Rubber Plants Fast Growing? (Revealed)

how fast do rubber plants grow?

Are rubber plants fast growing?

Yes, rubber plants are fast growing. In a year, they can grow from 24 to 127 inches!

These plants are native to tropical rainforests in Asia, which are humid, sunny, and warm.

Yet, rubber plants grow in almost any country.

You can find them from the foothills of the Himalayas to the coastal regions of Ecuador.

Now, you might wonder how long it will take for the plants to grow indoors.

I know that is a lot of information for you to take in. Keep on reading this article.

We will dig deeper into the issue and more.

How long do rubber plants take to grow?

Rubber plants can grow very large.

If planted in the ground, they can reach a height of around 15 meters and a canopy width of 9 meters.

Nowadays, rubber plants are popular as houseplants.

People grow them in large pots at their homes or offices.

As indoor plants, they can grow to 3 meters tall or more, depending on the space available.

It takes about 10 – 20 years for a rubber plant reach to reach its ultimate height.

They may grow tall and thin if they don’t get enough sunlight indoors.

Besides staking, you need to prune them to keep them at an appropriate height and shape.

Why is your rubber plant growing so slow?

Now, you know the fact that rubber plants are fast growing.

But you wonder why your rubber plant is growing so slow.

The reason is that your plants might not be in the proper condition.

They might experience environmental stress.

Their environmental factors are less than ideal, limiting your plants’ growth.

The factors could be light, temperature, water, humidity, or nutrition.

We know that the more sunlight your rubber plant receives, the greater its ability to produce food through photosynthesis.

Be aware that exposure to direct afternoon sunlight will harm them.

It’s because rubber plants prefer morning sunlight or bright, indirect light.

So, please place them in a spot that receives morning light.

If your plants don’t get enough sunlight, it will also limit their growth.

In this case, you can add an artificial light lamp.

You also need to pay attention to the temperature around your plants.

Rubber plants thrive in warm to average room temperatures.

Avoid sudden temperature drops to less than 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also, protect your plants from cold drafts.

The drafts will decrease the humidity your plant loves.

Water them regularly during the growing season and decrease the amount of water during the fall to late winter.

Feed them well with an organic fertilizer higher in nitrogen as the plants mature.

Always keep the surrounding area of your plants humid.

You can maintain the proper humidity by avoiding direct and constant drafts flowing into the plants.

Another way to keep the humidity in check is to water them regularly.

Water them until you can see the water running out from the pot’s drainage holes.

Make sure you empty the pot saucer, too.

It usually takes every 3-4 days to water them during summer and spring.

And it takes even longer during the fall and winter.

Moreover, environmental stress also weakens rubber plants and makes them more prone to disease or insect attack.

Although diseases are very rare in houseplants, insects and mites might be the main issues.

How do you speed up the growth of a rubber plant?

After finding out what limits their growth, you might ask how to speed up the growth of a rubber plant.

First, ensure you fulfill their basic needs of light, temperature, water, and humidity to be a healthy plant.

Then, do not forget to feed it with an organic fertilizer regularly.

Use a fertilizer higher in phosphorus during the growing stage because phosphorus is essential in promoting healthy root growth.

As the plant matures, use NPK fertilizer of a 24:8:16 ratio every 3-4 weeks to speed up the growth.

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Are rubber plants fast growing?

Yes, rubber plants are fast growing.

They can grow up to 127 inches annually if the conditions are appropriate and the space is available.

Rubber plants are native to tropical rainforest climates.

Yet, they can grow in almost any condition, inside or outside the house or office.

These plants can grow to be very large in their natural habitats.

But, they are also suitable as houseplants.

Planting in a large pot, rubber plants can grow to 3 meters tall or more, depending on the available space.

They take about 10-20 years to reach their ultimate heights.

Rubber plants can grow so slowly if they don’t get the desired conditions.

Ensure they get enough indirect bright light, regular watering, proper humidity, and plant food.

Avoid constant drafts, be it dry or cold.

Have you ever had problems with your rubber plants?

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If you’re wondering how to care for a houseplant, don’t forget to read our beginners’ guide to houseplant care.

Until then, happy gardening!

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