Can Spider Plants Live in the Bathroom? (Discussed)

Is it possible to keep spider plants in the bathroom? (Discussed)

A houseplant can prettify any room in your house.

One tiny room that you should not skip is your bathroom.

But not all houseplants love living in a bathroom.

How about spider plants?

Can spider plants live in the bathroom? Oh yes, spider plants can survive in a bathroom.

We all know that this plant type does not need complicated treatments.

Spider plants love a spot with low light and high humidity.

And that condition suits the bathroom so much.

Also, spider plants’ size is still fit to place inside your bathroom.

Spider plant will become the best small bathroom plant.

How come? Let’s find out.

Do spider plants like the showers?

Spider plants are adorable and pretty for decorating your house.

You can also put spider plants to make your bathroom feel complete.

However, do spider plants like the showers? Yes, they do. Placing this houseplant is such a brilliant idea.

Spider plants love high humidity places with low light. And the bathroom is identical to the humidity level they are comfortable with.

It means that hot or cold showers are not a problem for spider plants.

Especially when your bathroom is steamy, spider plants will love it so much.

They enjoy living in a room with a high temperature.

Therefore, we can say that your bathroom is a perfect place for spider plants.

Moreover, bathrooms are identical to tropical nuance.

Therefore, having a tropical-theme bathroom will sound interesting.

Also, this plant can increase the fresh air inside your bathroom.

Spider plants produce oxygen to purify the air.

The bathroom with clean and cool air will get you relaxed while showering.

That can lead to releasing your stress when you take a shower.

Can spider plants live in a bathroom without windows?

Can spider plants survive without windows in a bathroom?

As you have already known, spider plants adore the showers.

So now you can check your bathroom condition.

Remember that spider plants love a room with high humidity, low lighting, and warm temperature.

So can spider plants live in a bathroom without windows?

Yes, they can, but with exceptional conditions. Even though they like minimum light, spider plants still need the lighting.

The low lighting can come from sunlight, but spider plants cannot live under direct sunlight.

And people usually put this plant in a spot with indirect sunlight.

Your spider plants can grow well if your bathroom has an indirect sunlight spot.

Placing your spider plants in the room with a window is the best option.

Or you can hang the plant near the bathroom window.

So, what can you do if your bathroom has no window?

If your bathroom has no window, you should make sure that your spider plants still get some light.

The lighting may come from the glass ceiling or small ventilation in your bathroom.

Also, you can provide the lighting from a window near the bathroom.

One sure thing is you must ensure that the spider plants still get the lighting.

Take note that spider plants with no light will not grow optimally.

They may lose the bright green color on their leaves.

Do spider plants need sun?

As mentioned above, it is clear that spider plants are suitable plants for your bathroom.

But you have known that a bathroom with no window may hurt spider plants.

A room without a window usually does not provide sunlight for houseplants.

And spider plants need bright indirect sunlight to thrive.

Although they only need indirect sunlight, the sun indeed helps them grow.

In addition, the light allows spider plants to produce carbohydrates for their food.

What if you insist on putting or hanging spider plants inside a bathroom with no window or sunlight?

Don’t worry. There is a way out.

The solution is to have a grow light for your spider plants.

Why should you place a grow light in the bathroom?

Well, spider plants can live in a low light spot means they need 50-250 foot-candles.

Or they can receive the grow light with 10-15 watts.

If your bathroom does not reach the minimum lighting, the plant will not produce its food.

It makes the plants suffer and go bad over time.

So, putting a grow light in your bathroom is the way out.


To summarize, spider plants can live in the bathroom.

Indeed, spider plants are the perfect small bathroom plants for your shower space.

Their cute shape and easy treatment are plus points.

Moreover, spider plants like showers because high humidity and warm temperature is their best habitat.

But you shall be careful to grow spider plants in the bathroom with no window.

The plants must have another source of light to help them grow.

As spider plants do need the sun to produce their food.

There is a solution to help spider plants keep growing in a bathroom with no light.

You can put a grow light with a low or minimum level in your bathroom.

Have you tried to place spider plants in the bathroom without a window? Do they grow well? Please, share your experience!

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