How Long Can a Spider Plant Go Without Water? (Answered)

Spider plants are among the easiest plants to take care of.

Indeed, they are more than just houseplants.

They can take accidental abuse, such as overwatering, and still be fine.

But what about without water?

In other words, how long can a spider plant go without water?

As a general rule, spider plants can go without water for a couple of weeks.

Still, how long can a spider plant go without water until it dies?

Well, read more to find out!

How long can my spider plants go without water?

Spider plants can go for two to three weeks without water. However, it depends heavily on the weather.

In warm weather, spider plants can go for two weeks without water.

Warm weather refers to temperatures ranging from 20–25°C.

In cool weather, spider plants can last up to 3 weeks without water.

Cool weather is often around 19–15°C.

After that period has passed, your spider plants begin to wilt.

Thus, having someone water your spider plants is always a good idea if you go on a long trip.

So how do you tell if your spider plant needs watering?

Turns out, there are a few ways you can easily tell if your spider plant is thirsty.

If the leaves on your spider plant turn yellow, it also signifies that it needs water.

Without water, the leaf cells dehydrate by turning yellow.

If it goes on, the cells eventually die, turning brown.

Another sign is leaf drooping.

If you see the leaves drooping, it is a sign that your spider plant needs water.

Like leaf yellowing, leaf drooping is caused by dehydration.

Without water, the leaf cells shrink.

This causes the plant to not be able to support its own structure, drooping in the process.

But how often should you water your spider plant?

Also, you know how long your spider plants can last without water.

How many times should you water it? 

The answer may surprise you!

How often should you water a spider plant?

You should water a spider plant about once a week.

Spider plants do not like to be watered too frequently.

As mentioned earlier, spider plants are forgiving of accidental overwatering.

A rule of thumb is to check if the soil is dry.

If the soil is moist, do not water.

Wait until the next day, then check again if the soil is dry.

But, do not water your spider plant immediately after the soil is dry.

It turns out, spider plants prefer dry soil for a while.

If you find your spider plant’s soil dry, wait an extra day before watering it again.

Spider plants don’t mind being overwatered once, but frequent overwatering can kill them.

You may wonder, then, do spider plants like being treated the opposite?

In other words, do spider plants like it when left dry?

Do spider plants like to dry out?

No, spider plants do not like to dry out.

Spider plants can survive for up to three weeks without water.

But this doesn’t mean that they like to be dry all the time.

Spider plants like soil that is not too dry or too wet.

It means they like damp soil.

There are several ways to test the moisture of your soil.

The first and easiest way is to stick your finger into the soil.

When you pull your finger out of the soil, you will see soil residue sticking on your finger.

If no soil sticks to your finger, then the soil is dry.

This means your soil needs watering immediately.

The result you’re looking for is a thin, fine layer of soil.

Additionally, the soil must feel cool and damp to the touch.

This is the ideal soil moisture for your spider plant.

The second and cleaner way is by using a soil probe.

Soil probes do the same thing as your finger without getting your hand dirty.

You can use either a metal stick or a wooden one.

Insert the stick all the way to the bottom of the pot.

When you pull out the stick, it should have the same consistency as your finger.

The third and most accurate way is to use a moisture meter.

You can find moisture meters for cheap in online stores.

After sticking the meter into the soil, you can measure its readings.

If your soil enters the “dry” zone (around 3), then it is time to water your soil.


Spider plants are often recommended for beginners wanting to get into gardening.

Beginners houseplant enthusiast love them because of their hardiness.

Spider plants can survive for up to three weeks without water.

Although spider plants prefer having dry soil for a while, they do not like it to dry out for too long.

Even so, you should not water your spider plant too frequently.

Watering them once a week during spring or summer is desirable.

Too much water can kill your spider plant.

Have you ever accidentally left your spider plants without water?

What happened to your spider plants? Please share your story!

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