Do Spider Plants Need Deep Pots? (Answered)

Are deep pots necessary for spider plants?

Spider plants are beautiful and bushy.

But do these spider plants need deep pots?

Turns out, the answer is more complicated than that.

Each spider plant is different. They grow at varying rates.

Some spider plants need to be moved to a larger pot. Others prefer to be in their current pots.

There are also pots with different materials, ranging from plastic to metal.

Each of these pots has its pros and cons.

So, do spider plants like deep or shallow pots?

Well, read more to find out!

Do spider plants like deep or shallow pots?

You may expect a straightforward answer, but it is not that simple.

Like we said earlier, it really depends on your spider plant.

Spider plants prefer pots where their roots can fill the entire soil.

They like pots that are slightly bigger than their total root volume, also known as the root ball.

Moving your spider plant to a larger pot allows it to grow larger.

If you are unsure that your spider plant needs to be repotted, look for these signs.

Spider plant roots keep growing even when pot-bound.

Pot-bound is when plant roots outgrow their pots.

If your spider plant is pot-bound, you will see roots sticking out from the bottom holes.

Another sign to look for is roots circling the bottom of the pot.

First, take your spider plant out of its pot.

If you see roots circling the bottom, it is time to change to a larger pot.

A more obvious sign is roots protruding from the topsoil.

When no more space exists for roots to grow, they will grow upward.

Also, if the soil is drying too quickly, that is a sign your spider plant needs repotting.

And, if you find your spider plant no longer growing, it is also a sign to repot your plant.

Spider plants do not mind being in either deep or shallow pots.

Your spider plant will happily grow as long as its roots remain within the pot.

But what about small or big pots?

Do spider plants like small or big pots?

It turns out, spider plants do not mind either. They actually prefer being slightly pot-bound.

If you want to repot them, put them in slightly larger pots.

You may think pot-bound harms your spider plant, but it does not.

Being pot-bound does not negatively impact your spider plants.

While being pot-bound, spider plants cannot grow any bigger.

This can be beneficial if you prefer your spider plant to be small and compact.

But make sure the roots don’t crack or damage the pot.

If that happens, move it to a larger pot immediately.

Another interesting fact is that spider plants love to be crowded.

Spider plants love to be in the same pot as other spider plants.

This will help spider plants become pot-bound faster, which they like.

So then, what pots do spider plants like?

Do they prefer one pot over another?

The answer may surprise you!

What kind of pots do spider plants like?

As mentioned earlier, spider plants like pots that are slightly larger than their root size.

And more importantly, your pot must have drainage holes at the bottom.

This gives your spider plant’s roots a little extra growing space.

But what kind of material does the pot have to be made of?

Here are three common types of pots, each with their pros and cons.

First, we have the plastic pot.

Plastic pots are the most common pots you will find.

They can be found in nearly every plant store around the world.

Since they are plastic, they are flexible.

Plastic pots can easily handle overgrown spider plant roots.

They can stretch to adapt to those growing roots.

And the best part? They are cheap!

Second, we have wooden pots.

These pots are made of wooden planks fashioned together into a box.

One added benefit of wooden pots is that they retain moisture for longer.

You don’t have to water your spider plant as often.

Plus, these wooden pots tend to have gaps between their planks.

That makes them less likely to crack in overgrown spider plants.

They are also less likely to crack in cold weather.

And with proper care, these pots can last up to many years.

Finally, the metal pots.

One important benefit of metal pots is that you can make them out of any metal container in your house.

These metal containers can range from tin cans to coffee pots to old file cabinets.

The only downside is that you have to drill holes at the bottom.

Metal pots are great for a number of reasons.

Since they are metal, they do not crack or break under overgrown roots.

They can also last many years.

Because of these factors, metal containers make great pots for your spider plant.


Spider plants are popular houseplants worldwide.

They are easy to grow and tend to grow quickly themselves.

At first, choosing the right pot may seem challenging.

It turns out, spider plants do not mind either small or large pots.

If spider plants outgrow their pot, they stop growing bigger.

This is great if you want to keep your spider plant small and compact.

If you want to move your spider plant to a larger pot, choose one slightly larger than your current pot.

Spider plants also like being slightly pot-bound.

They also like being crowded. Spider plants like being placed together in one pot.

There are different types of pots, each with different pros and cons.

Plastic pots are easy to find and are cheap.

They are flexible and great for pot-bound spider plants.

Wooden pots hold moisture for longer.

They also don’t crack in cold weather.

And they can last many years if properly maintained.

Metal pots can be made from many things, from tin cans to old file cabinets.

Metal pots will also not break from pot overgrowth.

What pots do you use for your spider plants and why?

Please drop a comment below.

Until then, happy gardening!

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