Do Spider Plants Like Acidic Soil?

Does acidic soil work well for spider plants?

Do you grow spider plants at home?

You heard spider plants don’t grow well in a specific type of soil.

And the soil in your area is acidic.

You want to know whether spider plants like acidic soil.

Oh yes, spider plants like acidic soil.

They find slightly acidic soil is comfortable to grow.

However, this plant can only tolerate a certain acidity level in the soil.

Make sure that you choose the exact type of soil for your plants.

Are you sure that your soil is good enough for spider plants?

Let’s dig deeper into spider plants and the type of soil they like.

Can spider plants grow in acidic soil?

Choosing spider plants as houseplants is a great choice.

You do not need to make special efforts to make them grow in a pot or on the ground.

They will live as long as you keep the soil suitable for the plants.

Can spider plants grow in acidic soil? Yes, spider plants can grow in slightly acidic soil.

The reason is that spider plants come from tropical and subtropical Africa with somewhat acidic soil.

Acidic soil is soil with a pH of less than 7.

Spider plants can grow pretty well in acidic soil with a pH of no less than 6.

But you have to check whether or not your soil is over acidic.

Soil with an over-acidity level will damage your spider plants.

Overly acidic soil will inhibit spider plants from getting essential nutrients like nitrate, phosphate, and potassium.

Moreover, overly acidic soil increases the availability of aluminum and manganese, which are harmful to your plants.

You can tell whether your plants suffer from acidic soil if you spot some symptoms as follows:

First, your spider plants will develop root rot.

Then, their leaves will lose their shine.

The leaves turn yellow, brown, or even black.

The scariest part is the leaves that will fall off the plants.

When those bad symptoms happen, quickly deep soak the plant for several minutes and put it in a shady spot.

So, it is necessary to ensure the soil acidity level precisely.

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What kind of soil is best for a spider plant?

What kind of soil does a spider plant grow best in?

As mentioned above, spider plants can grow in slightly acidic soil.

However, it’s wise to be aware of several things, especially the soil type.

Choosing the soil type is the main factor for spider plants to grow well.

What kind of soil is best for a spider plant?

Keep reading to find out the best type of soil for a spider plant.

First, your soil must have the right texture and moisture.

Spider plants love the balanced-texture soil with the proper humidity.

Too heavy or too light soil texture is not appropriate for the plant.

The soil should be able to absorb water without becoming waterlogged.

Spider plants do like well-drained soil.

Soil with good drainage and aeration will prevent the plant from root-based problems.

To increase water absorption and aeration, you can add coconut coir, perlite, peat moss, and vermiculite to the soil.

Next is the nutrient intake by the plant’s roots.

Rich-nutrient soil will help spider plants thrive.

It is best to add a balanced fertilizer.

Healthy roots are the key to growing healthy spider plants because the best base will make the best plant.

What pH soil do spider plants like?

Now you know the base trick in growing spider plants is the soil.

Please, remember that spider plants come from an area with slightly acidic soil.

It means that the pH of the soil for spider plants is below 7.

Although spider plants can survive in soil with acidity levels between 4.5 and 7.5, the pH should be greater than 6 for spider plants to thrive.

To be precise, spider plants like soil with a pH range of 6.1 to 6.5.

How can we keep control of the pH soil?

There are a lot of organic ingredients that you can add to the soil.

Some of them are dolomite and limestone.

So, it’s essential to regularly check your plants’ soil pH.

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In short, spider plants do like slightly acidic soil.

However, spider plants cannot live in over-acidic soil.

Spider plants can grow pretty well in acidic soil with a pH of no less than 6.

Thus, their comfortable pH ranges from 6.1 to 6.5.

The best soil type for a spider plant is medium-light-textured soil.

The soil must also be moist, rich in nutrients, allow aeration, and have the pH the plants love.

The best practice to maintain soil pH from being overly acidic is to add limestone and dolomite.

Limestone and dolomite can be found in nature. So, adding substances to your organic potting mix is safe.

Now, what is the pH of your soil? Are your spider plants thriving?

Please talk about your experience!

And until then, happy gardening!

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