Can Spider Plants Go in a Fish Tank? (Answered)

Can you put spider plants in a fish tank?

People grow plants in many ways. One of them is using the aquaponics system.

They raise fish and grow plants in the same medium.

But can spider plants go in a fish tank?

Spider plants do not grow well in fish tanks.

But you can grow spider plants in a fish tank in a certain way.

Keep reading to discover how to treat spider plants in a fish tank and what you shouldn’t do about it.

Let’s dive right in!

Can Spider Plants Be Submerged in Water?

No, spider plants can not be submerged in water. However, you can only lower the spider plant’s roots into the water.

That’s the appropriate way to raise fish and grow your spider plants in the tank.

If you grow them in the fish tanks, be sure to dip only the tips of their roots in water.

Spider plant roots can grow well if exposed to water.

Only keep the leaves and other parts off the water to expose them to air.

They will thrive as long as they get enough bright, indirect sunlight.

So, let your spider plants grow and develop on the water’s surface.

Soaking and planting the entire spider plant in water will cause it to rot.

The leaves wither, and the stem rots. And they will eventually die.

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How Do You Plant a Spider Plant in a Fish Tank?

spider plant in water

Plant spider plants with only the roots exposed to water in the fish tank.

Spider plants are easy to care for and maintain.

They are terrestrial plants and usually live around the edges of ponds.

They can live in a high-moisture environment.

So, it’s no wonder these plants can also grow in water media like fish tanks and aquariums.

But, it would be best never to immerse spider plants in water entirely.

If you want to keep a spider plant in a fish tank, then only the tips of the roots are in the water.

Like many plants, spider plant roots grow faster with water media.

One good thing about growing them in the fish tank is the fish poop.

They provide nutrients to the plants since the poops are rich in nitrate and phosphate.

Plants need phosphate to promote root growth.

In fact, phosphate also increases the absorption of other nutrients.

And nitrate is good for plant growth and development.

You also need to schedule a water change within 5-7 days.

The rule of thumb to replace the water is when you spot a color change in the water.

The color change signals the water is running out of oxygen and needs to be replaced.

So, if you spot any color change, immediately replace it with fresh water.

Can You Put a Spider Plant in a Betta Tank?

Is it Possible to Keep a Spider Plant in a Betta Tank?

Yes, you can put a spider plant in a Betta tank.

However, spider plants cannot survive long in the water.

So be sure that only the spider plant’s root tips are in the water.

Another thing to consider is that the leaves and crown should stay out of the water to keep them fresh and healthy.

Growing spider plants in a betta tank is not for beginners because it’s tricky.

It’s not because spider plants are harmful to the fish.

Don’t worry. Spider plants are not harmful to the betta.

Only their potting mix will pollute the water.

Polluted water will endanger the betta fish.

So do not put too many spider plants in one betta tank.

Another crucial thing to remember is that spider plants cannot be completely immersed in water.

They are not aquatic plants. These plants are not native plants that live underwater.

Spider plants only like their root tips to be in the water.

Their leaves and stems will rot in water.


Can Spider Plants Get Into Fish Tanks?

No, spider plants cannot get into fish tanks completely.

Remember, these plants cannot be submerged entirely in water.

You can only soak the roots in the fish tank water.

The other parts of the plant must remain on the surface.

So, how to plant a spider plant in a fish tank?

The main concern is the same as mentioned before.

Be careful not to let the stem and leaves touch or dip in the fish tank water.

What about putting a spider plant in a betta tank?

You can put a spider plant in a betta tank. Be sure to leave only the root tips in the water.

Do not put too many plants in the tank because the potting mix will pollute the water.

Another precaution is always to keep an eye on the color of the water and schedule water changes.

Make sure you change the water every 5-7 days when growing spider plants and raising betta fish in the same medium.

Planting all parts of spider plants in the water will damage the plant.

Such a practice can endanger the life of the fish in the tank.

Do you grow spider plants in fish tanks or betta tanks?

Please, share your experience by commenting below.

Until then, happy gardening!

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