Does Sprite Help Plants Growth? (Revealed)

Is Sprite Beneficial to Plant Growth?

Have you ever heard that soda can help plants grow?

Some plant lovers say that soda is good for plants.

But does every soda type give advantages to plants?

Does Sprite help plants grow?

The answer is no. Sprite does not help your plant grow. Instead of growing fast, your plants will sleep forever. Yes, Sprite does not contain nutrients to boost plant growth.

One of the reasons is the content of sugar in Sprite.

Sugar can make the plant soil hard to absorb water.

Moreover, you cannot use Sprite as a fertilizer for your plants.

Keep reading to know more about the effect of giving Sprite to plants.

Can you give Sprite to plants?

Unlike water, we all know that Sprite contains some nutrients.

Are nutrients in Sprite acceptable for plants?

Can you give Sprite to plants?

We can say that you can give Sprite to plants.

However, you cannot give Sprite to growing plants.

What does it mean? Which plants can accept Sprite?

You can give Sprite to flowers or leaves after you cut them.

If you want to keep cut flowers or plants longer, using Sprite is the key.

Sprite contains around 3.25 grams of sugar per ounce.

It is enough to make your plants live longer after being cut.

Sprite affects the plant gets more acidic.

So, it will go up to the stems of flowers rapidly.

And sugar in Sprite also provides food for your flowers.

It is why your cut flowers will stay fresh longer with Sprite.

How to use Sprite to cut flowers in the vase?

You only need to put Sprite in the vase’s base before cutting flowers.

The ratio of Sprite and water in the vase is 1:4.

It is now clear that Sprite is indeed useful for plants in a different way.

What happens when you pour soda on plants?

As mentioned, you can apply Sprite only to cut flowers or stems.

Sprite will make the cut plants last longer than water.

However, what happens when you pour soda on plants?

If you refer this question to Sprite, the answer is obvious.

It will slowly kill your plants.

But if you refer the question to another soda type, soda will help your plant grow.

The next question is, what kind of soda can you use?

Club soda is the advisable soda to use for growing plants.

You can use club soda for your plants as a fertilizer.

But it maximally functions when you apply it only once a week.

Of course, you first make a solution from soda and water with a ratio of 50:50.

It can boost plant growth with its nutrients.

The most crucial part of club soda is sugar-free.

Soda with no sugar is indeed the best for your plants.

Since Sprite contains sugar and flavor, you cannot apply it to your growing plants.

The sweetened and flavored soda will cause root diseases.

Sugar can make the plant root not able to absorb water and nutrients.

So other plant parts such as stems, leaves, and flowers will receive nothing.

After that, you can see the sad ending of your plants.

Do plants grow faster with soda or water?

Soda and water are both friends of plants.

They will nourish plants.

If we talk about boosting plant growth, soda will win over water.

A study by Colorado University Boulder in 2002 has the proof.

This study’s result is carbonated water can make plants grow faster than tap water.

Furthermore, the plant using carbonated water or soda has greener and bushier leaves.

It does not mean that water is not so useful for plants.

But soda is proven better than water in boosting plant growth.

The secret behind it is soda has nutritious matters.

It contains carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen, potassium, sodium, and phosphorus.

The rich nutrients from soda will delight the plant soil.

Be careful. Not all plants happily receive soda.

Since soda makes the soil pH alkaline, it may damage the plant with acidic soil.

So, you should check the soil pH of your plants before applying soda.

Example of plants that may love soda is cucumber and lilacs.


In conclusion, Sprite does not help your plants grow. Sweetened and flavored soda Sprite must not touch your growing plants. It will make the roots cannot take up water for stems and leaves.

But you can put Sprite on the cut plants or flowers.

Pour Sprite and water into the vase before the cut flowers or plants.

Sprite can make the cut flower live longer than tap water.

Besides, other soda types like club soda or plain soda can boost plant growth.

The healthy materials in club soda help plants to grow faster.

How about starting to use Sprite for the decorated flowers in your vase?

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