Can You Water A Spider Plant With Tap Water? (Explained)

Can a spider plant be watered with tap water?

In today’s living standards, tap water is the most available water source for daily drinking and cooking.

But is it safe for plants? For example, can you water a spider plant with tap water?

Yes, you can water your spider plants with tap water.

However, you need to treat the tap water in a certain way before directly using it for plants.

This post will explore the water used to water your beloved plants.

It will also reveal the kind of water that is best for spider plants.

So keep on reading. Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Is tap water safe for spider plants?

Water is one of the essential elements responsible for optimal plant growth.

So, no matter how fertile the potting mix is, your plant won’t thrive without proper watering.

Simply put, water transports essential nutrients throughout the plant.

It not only refreshes your plant but also nourishes it simultaneously.

However, not all of the water in our house is suitable for spider plants.

You might wonder whether tap water is safe for spider plants.

Generally, tap water is not safe for spider plants as it contains chlorine and fluoride.

The chlorine and fluorine added to the tap water deter germ contamination.

They also kill disease-causing germs such as Salmonella, Campylobacter, and norovirus.

Unfortunately, spider plants are sensitive to chlorine and fluoride.

Those chemical compounds that build up in the plants will eventually cause brown tips and discoloration on their leaves.

Not only that, but it will also hinder photosynthesis and other processes.

Another disadvantage is that prolonged tap watering will eventually build up salt that will harm your plants.

But what if tap water is the only liquid source you can provide for your spider plants?

Don’t worry. You only need to treat the tap water by leaving it to sit for at least 24 hours before watering your plants.

By doing so, the chlorine and fluoride will dissipate.

Do spider plants need distilled water?

But what about distilled water, which is free of impurities and contaminants?

In other words, do spider plants need distilled water?

No, your spider plants do not need distilled water.

First, it’s because distilled water costs you money.

You have to buy this kind of water.

Even if you can make it at home, you still need to invest in the equipment and pay the electricity bill to distill the water.

Second, distilled water is steam from boiling water that’s been cooled and returned to its liquid state.

So, it does not contain the minerals that your plants need.

Another alternative to distilled water is rainwater.

Generally, rainwater is the best in quality and cost for watering plants.

It is a free source of nearly pure water.

However, rainwater might contain acidic components like sulfur and nitrogen oxides.

Acid rainwater is harmful to your spider plants.

It takes aluminum out of the soil and, if your plants’ roots soak it up, it can kill them.

But what about bottled water?

Let’s explore more!

Is bottled water good for spider plants?

Before we jump right in to answer the question, it’s best to know what bottled water is.

Bottled water is water that is sealed in bottles for human consumption.

It does not contain sugar or salt.

Bottled spring water contains some minerals that the human body and plants need.

Such minerals are not added but come from the rock passed by as the water flows naturally to the surface.

So, is bottled water good for spider plants? Yes, it is.

Hydrating your plants regularly with bottled spring water is good for them.

It is full of oxygen that your plants need.

The natural minerals the water contains also bring extra benefits to your plants.

Calcium, potassium, and magnesium, which are all important for plant growth, are all found in high amounts in spring water.

Calcium strengthens the cell structure, which acts as a physical barrier to pathogens.

Potassium regulates the rate of photosynthesis that makes food for the plants.

Magnesium prevents stunted plant growth.

Altogether, they help your spider plants thrive.


To sum up, tap water is bad for spider plants because it has chlorine and fluoride in it, which makes the tips and leaves turn brown.

It’s because spider plants are sensitive to chlorine and fluoride.

Although tap water is not good, your spider plants do not necessarily need distilled water.

Distilled water is pure water that doesn’t have any of the minerals that your plants need.

It adds cost to you yet does not add beneficial effects to your plants.

Spring water in a bottle is best because it has important minerals that help your spider plants grow.

Calcium, magnesium, and potassium that come with spring water help your plants grow robustly.

What kind of water do you use to hydrate your spider plants?

Please, share your experience!

Until then, happy gardening.

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