Are Spider Plants Good Air Purifiers? (Answered)

Are spider plants effective air cleaners?

Do you know what spider plants are?

Spider plants are popular houseplants that are also simple to care for.

But are spider plants good air purifiers?

Yes, spider plants are great air purifiers!

There are also other benefits to having spider plants. They are known to be hardy.

Spider plants are very forgiving, even to beginners.

They do not mind being accidentally overwatered or underwatered.

Additionally, they can even thrive indoors.

It’s no wonder spider plants are recommended for beginners with no experience.

But have you ever wondered how spider plants clean the air?

Read more, as the results may surprise you!

How do spider plants clean the air?

Like all plants, spider plants clean the air using photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis is the process where plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

It turns out, spider plants do more than just produce oxygen.

They also remove harmful particles from the air.

These harmful particles include carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, benzene, and toluene.

Carbon monoxide is commonly produced by car exhaust.

Gas stoves and cigarette smoking commonly produce formaldehyde.

Benzene is commonly known as the smell of gasoline.

And finally, toluene is often found as the smell of printing paper.

These harmful particles are then sent to the soil by their roots.

The microbes in the soil then neutralize these harmful particles.

This is how a spider plant cleans the air.

Not only that, but spider plants also remove many harmful particles.

A study shows that spider plants can remove nearly all harmful particles from the air.

In the study, spider plants were placed in a sealed glass chamber.

This chamber was filled with a mixture of dangerous particles.

After 24 hours, it was found that these spider plants could remove 95% of formaldehyde from the air.

But now, you may be wondering, what about oxygen?

If spider plants can clean 95% of the air, they will, undoubtedly, produce a lot of oxygen.

Well, it turns out they do!

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Are spider plants good for oxygen?

spider plants' ability to produce oxygen

Yes, spider plants are good for oxygen! Spider plants are known as one of the top oxygen-producing houseplants.

They are also effortless to grow and require very little care.

Spider plants can also withstand some abuse.

In other words, you can easily get away without watering your spider plant for a few days.

Also, don’t worry if you accidentally overwater your spider plant.

They can easily take that abuse and still be okay.

And the best part?

Spider plants also produce oxygen at night!

With spider plants in your house, you will have a steady supply of oxygen no matter what time of day it is.

And being a plant that needs little care to live, it is no wonder spider plants are an excellent choice as an oxygen source.

But now you may be wondering, what about dust?

Do spider plants remove dust as much as they produce oxygen?

Well, the answer may surprise you!

Do spider plants remove dust?

Yes, spider plants also remove dust.

But before we continue, we must define what “dust” means here.

In this case, “dust” refers to particulate matter.

Particulate matter is tiny, fine particles that are suspended in the air.

Particulate matter is tiny enough to be inhaled.

Here are some examples of particulate matter.

The first one you may be familiar with is the dust you find in your home.

However, unlike big clumps of dust, this dust is tiny enough to be inhaled.

Inhalable dust can give you an allergic reaction when inhaled.

Next, we have smoke, another common particulate matter.

These range from cigarette smoke to smoke from car exhaust.

You may think smoke is a gas, but it is not.

Smoke is made up of really fine particles suspended in the air.

These fine particles are what give the smoke its dark, cloudy color.

Lastly, we have pollution as the most common source of particulate matter.

Pollution can range from vehicle exhaust to industrial smog, like power plants.

It turns out that spider plants are very effective at cleaning all these pollutants.

So, spider plants are an excellent choice as a natural air purifier if you live in a polluted area.


Spider plants are popular houseplants found around the world.

And they are effortless to grow.

However, their benefits don’t stop there.

It turns out, spider plants are great air purifiers.

Spider plants remove harmful particles from the air.

The most common of these particles are benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and toluene.

Spider plants also produce a lot of oxygen.

They are also great at removing dust from the air.

Dust, commonly known as pollution, is a significant problem in society.

This makes spider plants an excellent air cleaner if you live in a polluted area.

Do you grow spider plants? What do you think of their ability as air purifiers?

Please drop a comment below.

Until then, happy gardening!

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